martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011

The lady of my nightmares


Writer: Sissy Pantelis
Art: Komixmaster

Never mind how much I tried, the lady kept grinning and said nothing. But then a man wrote; he asked to remain anonymous and he explained the story of the lady on the image. It is a weird story. Here is what he wrote: "I love my wife. Seriously, I do. She is brilliant and beautiful and kind and I think that she'd deserve better than a loser like me. All I've got is this dull paper work in my dark office and my dull colleagues. I'm not rich. I've got no hopes for promotion. I'm even not a handsome guy. My wife's love is the best thing that happened to me. I'm happy with her, I never cheated on her. OK, you get the picture: I'm faithful to my wife, I'm in love with her. But then this girl showed up in the office; she was the boss's new assistant. When I saw her, I felt my blood become hot, my heart went mad. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. It was the same with all the guys in the office. She stared at me and she gave me that smile and I thought I would faint. I felt like an idiot. I'm a grown up man, I'm happily married. I'm not supposed to have this kind of reaction. I resumed my work...In the night, I've been dreaming of her. It was one of THOSE dreams, you know what I mean. The ones I should only have about my wife, but then those damned dreams won't ask your opinion...I the dream, the girl drove me crazy; I was acting like a primate, like a beast. And then, of a sudden, she changed . She transformed into the freak you see in the image. Obviously, she gave me the creeps, I wanted to shout, I wanted to run away. But I couldn't run, I couldn't even breathe. But you know the worse part? The chick had turned into a freak, she scared the crap out of me, but even so...I still wanted her. My desire was so strong I thought my head would explode. I spent a passionate night of love and fear with the freak. The next night she came back. And the night after too. My nights were hell, my days were like a nightmare. I asked to be transferred and they accepted. My new office is almost the same as the previous one, but I'd not expected something better. i just wanted to be far from HER. Since I'm transferred, things get better. I still have the dreams sometimes, but I have them less. I spend the nights with my lovely wife. I've got no clue what happened. Maybe I had those dreams out of guilt for my wife. Sometimes, I think that the woman was some evil entity, one of those demons who get in your dreams and they possess you and you can't get rid of them. Whatever it is, I'm getting better and I'm faithful to my lovely, wonderful wife. Dreams don't count as cheating, they're only whimsies, night ghosts. Now, you know what? Sometimes, I DO miss her. The freak. The demon. The intense things she made me feel. Cause I'm an ordinary guy, not much interesting stuff happens in my life. Apart from my wife falling in love with me. And the demon who made me taste the fiery passion in my dreams. It was flame, it was thunder, it was madness. It tasted like Hell."

jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

Ilustración - El Hombre de Diamante

Ilustración para el relato de Magnus Dagon, El Hombre de Diamante, publicado en Planetas Prohibidos, 3, 2.11.2011.